Introducing the new icon. Completely redesigned and rebuilt, wakeboarding’s original high-performance boat brings it to 2019. And by “it” we mean a radical new hull design and the Switchback Ballast Tank for unparalleled wakes—with FastFill Pumps to get them rolling in under three minutes—plus a new custom rudder for next-levelnimble handling. Add to that an intelligently designed, comfortable interior that includes dual screen control, a superior Klipsch sound system and even more storage for all-day sessions with everyone.



Boat length 23’ / 7.01 M
Beam 102” / 2.59 M
Interior width * 87” / 2.21 M
Weight 5800 LBS / 2631 KG
Ballast with Gen 2 4100 LBS / 1860 KG
Fuel capacity 76 Gal / 288 L
Capacity 2400 LBS / 1089 KG
Draft 32” / .81 M
Boat height ** 126” / 3.20 M
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 16 People
Color options Infinite
Storage 122 cu Ft / 3.46 cu M
WakeThick – Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip
Surf – Powerful Wake Shape
ActivityWakeboard – Recreation (18-22 mph)
Wakeboard – Competition (23+ mph)
Wake Surfing (10-12 mph)
Starting from USA MSRP $155,340 *Excludes freight & prep
* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.
** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 tower to the lowest point of the boat’s running gear.